Sunday, September 19, 2010

Opinions, please...

For my next knitting project, I would like to make a little sweater for Baby Boy to wear for his blessing at church.  My mother made a beautiful silk bubble for Logan when he was blessed, but Logan was a summer baby.  The bubble is lightweight and has short sleeves and doesn't cover the legs.
The sweater I am hoping to knit is the Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down.
It isn't super complicated, but I will be learning to knit the sleeves in the round, which I was looking to learn.  (Here's hoping I can get it done, and that I'm not sitting in L&D, timing contractions and furiously knitting!) I was knitting my gauge swatch with some white Bernat Satin Solid that my mom gave me for Christmas.  It is lovely yarn with a subtle pearl-like sheen that I thought would be a nice compliment to the sheen of the silk bubble.
The picture doesn't really do it justice.  Knitted up, the sheen is more evident than in the skein of yarn.  I'm afraid that it is a little too feminine for the style of the sweater, and for a wee man child.  Even if he is wearing silk.  It is also a lighter weight yarn than the pattern calls for, and I'm afraid it is a little delicate.  Also not a look I'm going for in my man child.
So, here is where you come in...
Should I look for a weightier yarn with a less obvious sheen to knit this sweater, or do you think that for a special occasion, a bit of shine is OK?
And, what do you think would be the best way to cover his wee man legs?  I thought about some leggings out of interlock, but I'm afraid they'd look like tights.  Maybe tuck the bubble into some wee man pants?  If so, what would you make them of?  More silk to match, or a light twill or other bottom weight?
Tell me what to do!


  1. That's a lovely yarn but it makes a really soft fabric. I like it best in a rib pattern that has body. For what you're doing, I think you might want something a bit firmer.

    For knitting the sleeves in the round, do you have any of the books for knitting socks on two circular needles. That's so much easier than dpn's or even one circular needle.

    Cute sweater. I must have missed where you posted that you're having a boy. Exciting. I have one girl and two boys as well.

  2. If you really like that yarn, keep you sweater plans as is but chose a not so delicate fabric for the pants.

  3. I think the yarn is a little too dainty for a boy, but I can easily picture a gorgeous light cardigan for Myra made out of it.

    I think little matching white pants would look very cute with the bubble.

  4. I think the sheen is okay since this is a special occasion outfit. Personally, I think the lighter weight would be okay since it's for a little guy. Maybe if the sweater was for an older child it would look better in a thicker yarn.

    I would definitely make him some little pants to wear over the bubble. I think silk would be lovely!

  5. Are a cardigan and leggings really necessary for an afternoon outing to a heated building in the Texas winter (and early winter at that)? I think they would rather obscure the cute blessing outfit and suggest instead you consider swaddling in a good blanket. The Pinwheel is a cute, infinitely customizable and easy classic: , and if you are worried about him being too chilly just use wool. Knitpicks makes a highly affordable superwash merino. I think a blanket with stripes of white and pebble would be very classy:
    Also notice they are having a massive book sale right now.

  6. Congrats on your upcoming boy! I have three boys (and then a girl), so dressing boys is a favorite topic of mine. I wouldn't worry too much about the sheen of the yarn - for a baby, the texture would be soft and appropriate.

    I would get some light blue in a soft twill and make pants to wear over the bubble. You could then make a shirt to match the pants and roll it into another dressy outfit.

  7. I think the sheen of the yarn is fine for a baby boy. That yarn looks it will knit up nice and soft. As for his legs...I think pants out of matching silk would look best.:)

  8. You'll find the perfect thing! Besides, you can always choose manly buttons. ;)

  9. The Bernat is lovely--it looks so soft.
    The sweater is darling.

    What is Mitch's advice?
    (He gives good advice).

  10. If the yarn is thinner than the recommended yarn, I would suggest thicker yarn as altering the pattern could be a pain in the whatsit.

    How about some nice trousers to match for his little legs?

    (been lurking for a while in admiration of your sewing skills but I feel I know what I'm talking about with knitting!)

  11. Isn't the bubble beautiful? I think pants would look lovely.

    I'd make them out of butter soft pin-wale corduroy in a matching colour (... but then again, that might be due to the fact that I have an unhealthy problem with stashing corduroy - everyone else is recommending satin!).

    As I'm not a knitter, I can't say anything vaguely sensible about the sweater ... other than I can't wait to see it!

  12. Did you get gauge - I am sure you could work it outif you didn't, but why make life hard for yourself? I would change the yarn or the needles only if the gauge did not work out. I don't think the sheen or delicacy would be a problem for a blessing outfit - silk is delicate and has a sheen! The pattern is very manly.
    I vote for trousers in a pale blue,non shiny fabric, but do think the idea of a special shawl or blanket is lovely. It just depends how much time you have.

  13. My 3rd boys was Baptised earlier this year (he was 10 months old). I made him a silk dupion shirt, slubbed silk waitcoat and silk noil trousers.... so being biased I would definetly go for sillk trousers then the bubble would look like a shirt. The cardigan will be fine in shiny yarn for that type of event but you would not want to put him in it again..

    Don't know anything about knitting so don't know re the yarn weight.

    I am sure that whatever you decided it will be fantastic!

  14. I think the sweater will be fine since he's a little baby and it's for a special occasion. I would make matching pants to complete the outfit... silk would nice, but I think any fabric would be great.