Friday, April 9, 2010

What one child has...

the other child begs for mercilessly, until in a fit of annoyance, his mother caves and makes him a darn pillow already!
I had this little piece of helicopter flannel.  It was less than a half yard, which isn't enough for really much of anything, but is just right for a pillow.
Good thing that kid is cute...

I've been busily sewing fun stuff for me, but my bias is hanging and there are a lot of buttons that need sewing on.  I'll have something fun to show you tomorrow, I hope!

ETA: I am loving all of the ways our kiddos say pillows!!  Over here, Myra calls hers a "p'loh" and Logan says, "piddow".  So cute!!  Keep them coming!

Also, for beangirl and anyone else who may be interested, The pillows are just 45 wide fabric, folded right sides together and trimmed to a length that looks right (I know, helpful, right?).  Then seamed on the three open sides with an opening left to stuff.  I've been using regular old polyester fiberfil and them slipstitching the opening shut.  Easy 30 minute project and it keeps the house apes happy.


  1. Kids love their own special pillows. I make pillowcases for my two little grandsons. In fact, they have their special pillows at daycare and at home. They carry their "piddow" all over the house!

  2. That's so cute. The pillow and the little guy! My son and daughter get a little testy if I make one more stuff than the other. For example, the undies I posted about last week!

  3. It's a good thing most kids are cute, I suspect. I know that's the only thing keeping mine in one piece. "Pellows", that's what TLo calls them (she has a seriously bad Texan accent working). I might have to make one for each of the kiddos, I know The Big One is starting to feel a bit left out of the sewing loop. Do you use a pillow insert or filler or...?

    Ha! My word verification is "Hadeho". "Hadeho, y'all!"

  4. Super cute! My little guy has a travel size pillow that is found on the couch more than anywhere. He'd love a fun cover on it, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. You called them "house apes." I can't stop giggling at that. My husband will love that term and I suspect that when we have kids, that will be frequently used to describe them. Too funny!

    As for the pillow, adorable! I've actually been keeping the small scrap pieces from making minky baby blankets for future doll blankets - be that for our own (future) kids or those of our friends. I can't decide whether this is smart or insane. ;)

  6. That pillow is so cute ..... but the kid is even cuter!!!!