Friday, April 30, 2010

Kwik Sew 2881

Mitch has been doing a lot of running lately, and has been getting a ton of use out of the shorts that I have made him from this pattern.  He's been running in tee shirts, but they get really hot here in the great state of Texas, so I got him some wicking jersey from Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics to make him some cooler running gear.  I used the same Kwik Sew pattern as for his shorts (linked above).
I didn't want to use my fancy fabric on an untested pattern, particularly as all this running has had the side effect of significant weight loss, so I started with some cotton lycra interlock from the stash.
It's a  nice design, with a little extra length in the back for biking, a panel under the arms so that that aren't any seams where they might rub and a mock turtle neck to protect the neck from the sun.
Unfortunately, it turned out a bit snug...
In fact, he popped out the hem trying to get into it.  You have no idea how much fast talking I had to do to get these pictures!!
Anyway, back to the drawing board.  Well, tracing anyway.  The pattern mostly got the thumbs up.  I just have to make it in a larger size, and the turtleneck was nixed so I'll make a standard neckband instead.
But hey, it fits me!


  1. Wow, you're up early ;)
    (Thanks for your comment)

    I do agree the shirt maybe looks maybe on you, but on the other hand....the snug fit shows Mitch's rather athletic figure very well! You can tell him I said so, haha...

  2. LOL!!! It does fit you! Good work.

  3. You both look great in this shirt! The design sounds really good. I have a running shirt (long sleeve from CWX) that I love that also has panels under the arm -- they're mesh and make it so light and breathable.

  4. Hey, it just looks like the purple one on the model to the left - tight due to high muscle-age! It can be his Incredible Hulk shirt - ooh, if he doesn't like it he could wear it at Halloween and burst out of it! (But if I were you I'd snag it for myself.)

  5. Yea, a Double WIN! Hmmm, I think I'll take a page out of your book.... nah, my hub's much bigger than I, it would be WAY too obvious - but whoa, what a tempting thought! (you both look great in that tee, btw!)

  6. Haha! You do look great in the shirt (sorry Hubby!) - I'm sure you can make a less snug one now quickly:)

  7. Niceee.. it does fit Hubby is waiting for his though...have a great weekend

  8. You got an unexpected exercise garment! Make yourself some yoga pants to match and you'll have a great outfit!

  9. The last comment and picture are too funny! It looks really cute on you - definitely not a total loss.