Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One week!

Today my blog is one week old! I had a little goal to post every day for at least the first week, and I made it! I still have tons of projects to talk about, but I think, for today, I'll just post a few pictures of some things that I've done. I hope you enjoy.
This is a princess cape I made for Logan's best friend, Anna, for her 3rd birthday.
Some monkey jammies for Logan.
This is an RTW top and skirt to which I added a little color (and some cleavage coverage!).
I made this teeny skirt when my little princess came home from the hospital and at just barely six pounds, didn't fit into ANYTHING. She wore this her first Sunday at church.
This was the first outfit I made for Myra.


  1. They are all so pretty!
    Aren't you glad Myra can now crawl in her ruffly-butt pants??
    I particularly like the RTW adaptation -- because, really: basic black is for teen-age Goths and funerals. Yours is much nicer, now!!

  2. I love all the stuff you have done!! And I'm so jealous- your "current" project is SO cute!! If you ever feel like making me one too- I say GO FOR IT!:)

    Happy one week birthday and many more to come:)

  3. Mom - If only she could still wear the ruffle butt pants. They look like bike shorts now..

    Bertie - You can make your own!! When I'm done I'll post a tutorial. Circle skirts are very cute with a nice ruffly apron...