Sunday, April 18, 2010

So frustrating!!

I know I haven't posted in a couple of days.  Partly that is because Mitch has been on vacation since this Wednesday and so I've been sewing a bit less.  We had a great time yesterday at the children's museum in Waco and took tons of cute pictures,
but between here and there, we seem to have misplaced our camera...  So, although I've a project or two to show you, I am without any means.
Fortunately, some wonderful soul turned it in at the museum, and they are holding it for me!  Yay!!  I'll go pick it up tomorrow, and while I am unexcited about the prospect of the one and a half hours in the car with my kids, I am glad that the camera is there.  It renews my faith in humankind just a little to know that someone who could have just walked off with my reasonably decent (although not at all fancy) digital camera decided to take the high road and be honest.  Bless whoever that person was!  Anyway, I'm really glad that we sprung for the yearly membership to the museum, so I'll be able to let the kids go in and play after the long drive.  Maybe I'll take advantage of the proximity of the Joann in Waco as well...


  1. There are still some honest souls out there...Glad you found it back, don't worry it worths the drive and have a pleasant week....

  2. I had someone turn in my wallet in college - dropped it crossing the street back to the sorority house. I was shocked! I'm glad that your camera is safe that you get to pick it up this week. :)