Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vintage sewing video

I found these adorable videos on Laura's blog, It's Sew Chic.  They were produced by Simplicity in 1948!  They actually have excellent sewing information, and they're so fun to watch!  You'll laugh at the intro to the first one where Betty waxes philosophical about her Home Ec. class...  The first video talks about laying out patterns and how they are produced.  The second shows basic dress construction, including stay stitching, constructing a dart and setting a sleeve, then ends with a drool worthy fashion show.


  1. I did NOT laugh at her appreciation of her Home Ec class!!!
    That is some good basic information.

    I got sidetracked by hearing myself exclaim: "25cents!!! That pattern was 25cents, at full price??"

  2. That is my all-time favorite Informative Filmstrip video. I'm glad you posted it, I need it on my computer.

  3. Hand-basting the seamline?! And amazingly after just a little hand-sewing she had an entire dress to try on! And did you notice how flat-chested they all are - now those are the dresses I need!

  4. That was so worth the 20 minutes. I posted it on Facebook, too. :)

  5. How was so much sewing skill lost in a single generation??
    I guess in your family, it wasn't. If I figure it out, it won't be in mine either. ;)

    Fun videos.