Monday, June 4, 2012

Ottobre 03/2008-11

Logan has these shorts. He loves them so very much. But I made them nearly 3 years ago and they have been in heavy circulation since then. And boys are not known for being gentle on their clothing. They are raggedy. And not in a deconstructed, cool way. The hems are falling out, the knees are covered grass stains where they don't have holes and the pockets are falling apart.
It was time for a new pair. Fortunately, I had enough of the printed rib knit left over to just squeeze these out.
The pattern is the same as the prior pair, Ottobre 03/2008-11, the "Summer" shorts. They really are a great combination of easy sewing and fun details.
The pockets are bound and there is a trim strip stitched to the side seam. This time, rather than topstitching the trim down, I folded it wrong sides together and treated it like flat piping. It was a little simpler to sew and I like the look of it. The last time I made these shorts, I was an Ottobre newbie and had neither serger nor coverstitch machine at my disposal. I have to say, this version not only is much nicer, it sewed together significantly more quickly. In fact, I went from tracing the pattern to handing them over to the boy in less than 2 hours.
For the sake of the laughs, here they are next to the old pair. Not only do we still have the old pair, I had to pull it out of the laundry as he wore them a few days ago. The picture really doesn't do justice to just how competely worn out these are. They went straight in the trash after this picture was taken. I'm so glad he finally nagged me in to making their replacement!


  1. Ha! I love the comparison shot! Hopefully this pair will get as many years wear.:)

    1. It made me laugh so hard! I can't believe the color the fabric turned. Ick!

  2. I am so amused by the two pairs side by side! What a true testament to a much-loved pair of shorts.