Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monthly Roundup: February 2014

What to say about February? It was a productive month for me, although I did some sewing I can't share with you yet, so you'll just have to take my word for that. There are still a few winter projects I want to tackle, but here in the Salt Lake Valley, it's starting to act like Spring, and I'm having trouble getting inspired. We'll see...

So, for the month of February, I sewed:
1) Simplicity 6208 jumpsuit for Barbie
2) Ottobre 06/2010-15 tee shirt for Logan
3) Kitschy Coo Boy Cut Briefs x8 for Logan
4) Ottobre 01/2010-24 tee for Logan
5) Ottobre 01/2014-25 dress for Myra
6) Advance 9935 dress & coat for Barbie
7) Barbie gloves for Barbie
8) Iconic Sammy Cami for me
9) Ottobre 06/2010-14 pullover for Logan
10) Vogue 8919 top for me
11) Pattern in testing - to be revealed
12) Vogue 1378 pants for me
13) Batgirl Twirler for Emma
14) Barbie Retro Separates for Barbie
15) To be revealed...
16) Simplicity 5755 one shoulder dress for Barbie
17) McCalls 658 jacket for Barbie

That was a total of 26 items!! Of course, some of those were super quick pieces like underwear or Barbie items, but still. I'm happy. I sewed up 16.25 yards, which isn't a lot for me, but I managed to buy NO FABRIC AT ALL this month!!!! I'm pretty thrilled with myself about that. I'm hoping to keep up the trend, although I will need to make a fabric purchase soon, to get materials for a Queen Elsa dress.
Here's my February collage. I've blacked out a few things, since they are yet to be revealed, and I haven't yet photographed my last several pieces. They're coming up soon.
For March, I'm looking forward to March of the Shieldmaidens! I'm not sure if I'm going to make a dress for me or for Barbie. Those dresses take a lot of yardage in my size, but no so much for her. She also has a much more Nordic look than I do, and it might be fun setting up a more Viking-esque photo shoot for her. There are a few other fun things coming up in March, and I'm hoping to wind up my Winter sewing and maybe even start sewing for Spring.


  1. Those Barbie clothes can be time consuming.

  2. Love these roundups. I'm looking forward to seeing Shieldmaiden March. Things have happened around here so I'm not sure what exactly I'll be sewing for it...

  3. I have not been nearly so productive. Nice job!!

  4. Great job this month and bravo for no fabric purchasing!!! :D

  5. Damn it, you still beat me in the yardage totals, even with all the tiny Barbie clothing. I must bow to your supremacy.

  6. Productive month! I like the idea of doing the costume for Barbie--I have a book of historic costume patterns, and I'm seriously tempted to make a a historic wardrobe for my old American Girl doll, just so I have an excuse to play with it. Plus the patterns would be a lot easier to grade for her size!

  7. Well you certainly seemed very productive this month even if you can't share everything you've made yet! Congratulations on not buying any fabric this month - now you can buy twice as much next month!