Monday, March 12, 2012

Ottobre 01/2009-5

For Duncan's "Make it in a Metre" tee, I wanted to go in a somewhat different direction. Instead of a raglan sleeve, I went with a set in sleeve. but an envelope neckline. I wanted to use the astronaut fabric as a decorative element as well.
I immediately thought of the "Muksis" tee from the 01/2009 issue of Ottobre. I've made it before for my nephew, and I even had the correct size traced. I just love how cute it is.
I used the astronaut jersey for the adorable pocket as well as the sleeves. There is a lot of binding happening on this tee. Last time I made it was pre-coverstitch machine, and it was a surprisingly quick sew, even then. Now, with the coverstitch binder is was crazy fast. I did all the binding and made the cuffs of rib knit. The white body is cotton-lycra jersey.
I used my coverstitch machine to attach the pocket as well. To keep the turned under edges nice and sharp, I stitched some fusible thread onto the fold line on the wrong side and fused the hem edges down. It gave me a nice crisp edge that didn't wiggle around. I used magic tape to position the pocket for stitching, which also eliminated any movement there so that it stayed where I wanted it to. The end result is darn adorable. Duncan is going to wear it a lot!


  1. Love the bound hem!

    Boys LOVE a kangaroo pocket!! I put one in nearly every shirt I made Daniel from age 5 to 15!


  2. Oh how I love this! The kangaroo pocket is the sweetest thing ever. I need to pull out this pattern for my little guy.

    I don't know if you've made a decision about Duncan's vest, but I just ran across Ottobre 3-2009-20. It's a sweet little vest sized 92-128--I'm not sure what that translates to in kids' sizes...I'm still trying to figure out metric sizes for kids. It's the 7th image you click through to if you browse through the pictures in that issue on Otto's site. Hope that helps.


    1. Oh, those Ottobre sizes.

      Here is a conversion chart that may be helpful.

  3. What an adorable shirt! I love that you've made shirts for all of your kids incorporating the same fabric.

  4. All your outfits are adorable. Loving those rosy cheeks :)

  5. Another great little shirt. I hope you can get all the children to wear them at the same time. It will be so cute if you can. Best wishes Brenda in the Boro UK

  6. The shirt is really cute, but the baby is simply adorable!