Saturday, March 24, 2012

Golden Twirler Refashion

A couple of months ago, I bought myself a metallic gold tank top at the thrift store. I've been toying with metallics in my wardrobe and I thought it would be a good layering piece, but the fit was so bad. I mean SO BAD. I would have basically had to completely remake it, which I wasn't willing to do for a tank top that cost me a buck. So it sat in my refashion pile until a scrap of the leopard print sweater knit I'm using for my Wardrobe Basics cardigan landed on it and I realized that it had to be a twirly skirt for Myra. And that it needed a leopard print waistband.
I know. I can't even handle how cute it is. Myra LOVES sparkles and leopard print. So you can imagine how she feels about this skirt.
Getting her to stand still for a picture was pretty much impossible. I think this might be some Myra-style cheerleader move.
I'm really pleased with how straight the hem turned out. Myra wears her skirts low on her hips in front, but high in back over her ghetto booty. If I make her a straight cut skirt, it hangs low in front and rides up in back. This time, although the waistband is straight, I curved the upper edge of the skirt portion, scooping out an inch in front and raising the center back waist about 1/2 inch. And it worked! It hangs perfectly straight!
I love the little flash of leopard waistband when she moves.


  1. Myra looks darling in her cute skirt. Great job, Mom.

  2. That is a cute refashion, and it made a little girl happy!

  3. I just realized that I need a metallic skirt with a leopard waistband too!

  4. Very neat refashion! And, I empathize- my girls wear their skirts the same way - up in the back, down in the front. I need to start scooping out the front - thanks for the tip!

    1. If it helps, I dipped it down an inch in the front and up a 1/2 inch in the back. It was totally guessing since she was asleep, but it worked.

  5. You couldn't go wrong with one dollar for the tank top, even if it didn't work. And what a great new life it has found!

  6. Too stinking cute, and leopard shoes too!

  7. I love this skirt - what an unlikely but fantastic pairing of fabric! Thankfully my daughter doesn't read blogs yet otherwise she'd be bugging me for one just the same - she loves anything that twirls and sparkles.