Thursday, December 15, 2011


I had to derail some sewing plans thanks to a very active boy who managed to wear a hole in the knee of his only nice pair of pants. You know, the really nice, lined ones I made him a month ago. Seriously!! They only lasted a month!

So, I pulled out his TNT pant pattern (Ottobre 01/2009-23) and whipped up another pair.
This time, they have knee patches. I made these from a flannel backed twill that I've used for pants for him before. Those wore well, kept him warm and were comfortable. Plus, the flannel side of the fabric is cozy, so I didn't feel like they needed a lining, which made them quicker to sew.
The only embellishing I did was to quilt the patches in straight lines and topstitch the side and crotch seams with dark grey thread. For the patches, I just used the worn out pair to determine size and placement. I put a piece of thin batting under the patch for increased sturdiness. Let's hope these last longer than a month...


  1. My youngest son (who is 30 now) wore out the knees of his pant until he was about 10. Luckily it was during the eighties when knee patches where in style. I would just add patches to the outside and he'd keep wearing them.

  2. I thought my boy was the trouser knee destruction champion, but there is some serious competition from your place! Your prevention reinforcement looks suitably sturdy.

  3. And this story is why I always bought my boys Sears Toughskins. I can't find them any more, sadly. They had the best knees I've ever seen in pants.

  4. I love the preventative maintenance. Knee patches are hard to add after the fact. I can only do it if I open up side seams which is annoying. You'll have to update us on how they wear. Inquiring minds want to know. :)

    I just pulled out the same pattern for my guy for some fleece Christmas pj's. I'm so glad I didn't pass up that issue when someone offered it for sale on PR! I've gotten so much mileage from it and I've just begun sewing the boys clothes.

  5. Hi Katie...!
    You're right Margie! My son (only child) grew uo in ToughSkins because of their guarantee: If they wear out before they grow out, you get a free pair! (Anyone else remember?) Boy! Were they a lifesaver!

    The jeans allowed me to focus on making his shirts and bathrobes. That was my sewing plight between kindergarten and junior high for him (now 40 years old).

    My girlie efforts went to dressing my nieces (the youngest of which is now 28). I recently found out my third grandson will be arriving after the new year, so I'll be frilling up something for an American Girl doll to release my feminine creativity. Sigh....

    Just wanted you to know you're not alone. I feel your pain... smile...He can't help himself,...he is a boy....

  6. Those pants look like they're ready for battle! Bring it on! :)

  7. Cute pants - I hope they last several months at least!

    My boys are experiencing a pants crisis now, too. And they're 9 and 11! It seems they can't come to a sitting position on the floor without sliding a few feet on their knees.