Thursday, February 7, 2013

Butterick 4910 nightgowns

Now that Myra has been wearing her nightgown in place of PJs for a few weeks, it is clear that she is fully converted. She's been asking for more gowns, but the pattern I used before takes a lot of yardage, and my stash was in shorter "PJ" lengths.
So I decided to use Butterick 4910, which I have used before for this costume, this top and this dress. Since the gingerbread dress actually still fits her, I just used those pattern pieces and added length to make it floor length.
I made up all of the girly flannel I had in my stash - pink polka dots for one and a ballet themed print for the other. Both pieces were purchased at Joann.
I added a faux button placket to the polka dot one, just by appliqueing a strip of lace at center front and stitching on some coordinating buttons.
To the ballet themed gown, I just tacked a pink bow at center front. It's easier to tell the back from the front this way.
After I finished cutting out the ballet gown, there was a big chunk of flannel left that wasn't really big enough to save, but it was just enough for a matching gown for Myra's favorite baby doll. I used the pattern I drafted here.
Now my little sleeping beauty has plenty of gowns fit for a princess.


  1. Wonderful collection!!!

    Will you make some of the same designs out of batiste for summer??? I see a little Heirloom sewing in your future!

    1. Hmm, perhaps... The basement gets pretty cold at night, even in the summer though. We may just stick with flannel year round.

  2. Cute! And it's so awesome that you made a matching one for the doll, so precious! I'm making PJ's too. One down, one (and a half) to go. Something in the air, perhaps? ;-)

  3. How fun! She really looks like she is loving all of the girly nightgowns.
    My girls have always loved nightgowns. I made a bunch for my oldest when she was 4, and now that she is 12, the younger girls still wear them. Of course, they are pretty much falling apart now! I should really make them some new ones...

  4. This is an especially great collection of pictures. That first one in particular. Nothing says "modern female" quite like a feisty ninja princess in a floor length pink ballet-themed gown.

  5. I knew your daughter was such a girly girl that she'd love wearing night gowns. I really love that her favorite dolly got a new nightie, too.