Friday, June 18, 2010

Tag - I'm it.

Judy at Everything Just Sew tagged my in this 8 question meme.  If you haven't been by her blog, click now!  She is currently working on an amazing Vogue design which she has embellished with some amazing stenciling.  You have to see it to believe it!!  She also designs adorable children's clothing with beautiful and interesting style lines.  Very drool-worthy!

So, the questions -
1. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking the most about lately?
Hmmm, good question.  I have a few vintage patterns in my lineup that I am looking forward to sewing.  The front runner at the moment is a 70s era dress that I got from Myra.  I have a lovely piece of paisley/floral lawn that sings to me every time I spot it in the closet.
I can just picture wearing this dress and lounging on a breezy porch with a cool lemonade.  Yes, I must sew this soon...

2. What's the one place that you want to visit that you've never been before?
I can only choose one??  Although as a child, I lived for several years in Germany, I've actually not in my adult life ever left the States (unless you count Spring Break in Mexico, but I don't!).  I'd actually really love to see some of "Old World" Europe, particularly the British Isles.
So green and beautiful!  Makes me want to go watch the Hollywood version of Pride and Prejudice, just for the scenery!

3. How do you relax?
Well I sew, of course!  I'm not really a lay around and do nothing sort of person, so I don't find it relaxing to "just chill out".  I prefer to be busy.

4. What is your favorite holiday?
Oh, I don't know that I have a single favorite.  I like the winter holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, because it seems that those are the times that we are the most likely to be able to get our family all together.  Other times of the year it is more difficult, if not impossible!  I also really enjoy Halloween, because I love to dress up and make believe, and I'm far too grown up to do that every day.  :-)

5. What is one sewing skill you want to learn/try out?
I've been very interested in learning classical tailoring skills.  I've done a lot of reading and practiced a few of the techniques.  I need to just buckle down and make a jacket, but I can't convince myself to sew wool coating when it is 95 degrees every day.  Perhaps when it's cooler...

6. Can you knit? crochet? other crafting talents?
I have recently learned to knit (Thank you, Beth!), but am really slow!  I do have a project on my needles right now that will hopefully get finished soon.  I don't really do any other crafty things.  Mostly I sew.

7. What garment/accessory do you wear the most?
Easy, my Jalie jeans.  I pull them out of the closet at least weekly.
I also get a lot of wear out of my Simplicity 2808 jacket.
Even in the summer, I can throw it on if it's rainy and it isn't too hot.

8. How much time do you spend reading blogs? (per day or week)
Hmm, doubtless too much.  I usually hit the computer while I'm waiting for the iron to heat up, but sometimes by the time I've browsed all my favorite blogs it has already turned itself off again...  I really love to read about what other sewists are doing and I find a lot of inspiration and comradarie out there in blogland.

So, now I'm supposed to tag 8 other bloggers, but I'm going to be a party pooper.  Many of those I may have tagged have been already.  Still, if you haven't been, I'd love to see your answers to these questions!


  1. I did it, so you can see...

  2. Thanks for playing! Oh I loooooove that floral fabric. I can't wait to see that made up!