Saturday, July 12, 2014

Butterick 3475 shorts

It's feast or famine around here for Duncan! After months of no newly sewn clothes for him, I made not one, but two items in June.
He's shocked! Or maybe he stepped on something yucky. Hard to tell with Dunc.
You can probably tell from the U-haul in the background that these were a pre-Tennessee make. In fact, these were the very last thing I sewed before I packed up my machines.
As we were getting things together to make the 4 day drive across country, I realized that Duncan was a bit short on well, shorts. He had just destroyed a pair I made for Logan, (this pair, in fact) so I decided to remake them using the same pattern, slightly modified.
And so, here is Butterick 3475, Duncan style. The brown shorts were a good fit on Duncan, so I used the already traced size 2 for my 3 and 1/2 year old child. The pockets come in one size for all of the sizes in the envelope, and they are huge on the 2, so I slimmed and shortened them to bring them more into proportion to the shorts.
Years of sewing Ottobre patterns has made me finicky with details, so I also shaped the pocket corners in a more pleasing way and offset them on the side seam so that the bulk of the pocket was toward the front. It's easier for Duncan to reach that way.
The shorts have a loose, easy fit through the body, which is perfect for running, jumping, climbing and overall havoc-wreaking.
The fabric is a nice, sturdy twill left over from these overalls. I topstitched in a darker shade of green so that the stitching would pop, but not restrict the shorts to wearing with certain colors. I think the green is a nice neutral that will go with all of his "boy" tees. Doesn't it look awesome with this Kitschy Coo tee that was handed down from Logan?
Duncan likes them.


Heather Bee said...

Haa haaa, look at that little stinker climb. So do you have any other boy's shorts recommendations? I could use a few.

NZ sew said...

I bet he doesn't just like them- I bet he loves them!

Katie Deshazer said...

You know, I end up remaking the same boy shorts pattern over and over. So boring. I like this one, although it runs huge, like the Big 4 do. I have two Ottobre favorites - Bert from 03/2009 and Aqua from 03/2008. And I think the Prefontaine Shorts from Made by Moxie are pretty awesome. I need to make some for the boys. So far I've only used that one for Myra, but it's nice and unisex.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Making the shorts in a longer length is a genius idea to protect little knees. He seems very happy with them!