Friday, April 11, 2014

Prefontaine shorts and a little sneak peek

I know it's been a little bit quiet around here lately. I've actually been doing quite a bit of sewing, just mostly of the super secret, pattern testing variety. But it's Kids Clothes Week, and I had to share this outfit with you.
I had high expectations of cuteness, but it turned out even better than I imagined!!
It started with the adorable Prefontaine Shorts by Made by Moxie. I received these as a part of the second Perfect Pattern Parcel. You'll hear all about my "official" PPP make tomorrow, but I just HAD to sew up these shorts, too! Consider it a Pattern Parcel preview.
The fabrics I chose are a kind of eclectic mix, at least for me. I'm not very good at print mixing, but the hive mind collective of IG, Twitter and Facebook opined that this was a match made in heaven, and I think so too.
The plaid, which makes up the body of the shorts and the accent on the top, is a lightweight cotton/linen blend from IKEA. It wrinkles like crazy, but it is super breezy and comfortable. The floral print that forms the body of the top and the binding on the shorts is a vintage cotton which was given to me by the lovely and generous Carrie. I've been hoarding it for the perfect project, and this was definitely it.
So, the pattern. So cute! All the details are here - complete down to the stitched down, bound pockets. My hubby (who has an interest in the runners and their history) recognized the style immediately, and even opined that Pre would probably have liked them in plaid.
Up close, you can see that the pocket is bound, as are the side seams and hems, in a contrast binding. The pattern is suitable for either knits or wovens, and the pattern includes great instructions for upcycling an old tee shirt for use as binding material. Genius! The pocket bag is a single piece, topstitched to the fronts. Very streamlined, and nice not to have a flappy pocket bag in there.
These shorts are so quick and easy to assemble. They're great for a quick summer staple. I'm definitely going to be sewing these up for all 3 of my kids. And as an extra bonus, you can get this pattern RIGHT NOW on top of the 5 fabulous patterns in the Perfect Pattern Parcel! If you chose to spend more than $24 for your Parcel, you'll get the Prefontaine Shorts pattern totally free!!
OK, but I'm kind of being a tease with this top. This is a tester version of the soon to be released Shandiin Top by LouBee Clothing. Sarah is still hard at work perfecting it for you. It's absolutely adorable, and I think you're going to love it. I definitely do.
I just love a look with back interest, and this top has it in spades. That cut out with the contrast panel?? I die. I'll let you in on all the details once she is officially released. You'll get to see the 4 (and counting) that I've already made.
So, Prefontaine + Shandiin = Cuteness overload. And that is Myra's summer wardrobe sorted.


  1. I love this set! Wasn't around to weigh in on the print mixing but it's perfect.

  2. Jill @ Made with MoxieApril 11, 2014 at 3:55 PM

    This outfit is so awesome, Kadie. I just love love love it.

  3. I love this outfit. I would so wear that! I love the colours and Myra's got her poses sorted hasn't she.

  4. I have the PPP#2. So much adorable. Myra's just such a great model.

  5. Great ensemble! And what a sweet top. Waiting for PPP#3....

  6. So cute! I need to make a pair of Prefontaine shorts (or two) too!

  7. Hey, I want this outfit!!!!! So cute :)

  8. This is too cute :) Love the colour and pattern combinations and the trim. I fancy this outfit for myself :)