Friday, March 1, 2013

Monthly Roundup: February 2013

February wasn't my  most productive month by the numbers, but given the plague that felled our entire household for a week, and the fact the I made a coat, I'm pretty pleased with my output.

I made:
1) Puppet show curtain for Myra's Preschool
2) Vogue 8831 tunic for me
3) Butterick 4910 nightgown for Myra
4) 12" doll peasant gown for Baby
5) McCalls 6069 dress for me
6) Zipper pouch for Myra
7) Burda magazine 01/2011-130 leggings (x2) for me
8) Burda magazine 04/2011-118 top for me
9) Burda magazine 08/2007-112B coat for me

I sewed up 11 projects and used 22.25 yards of fabric. 5 projects used stash fabrics and I used 3 burda magazine patterns, so that part of my Stashbusting goal went well. Unfortunately, I added 30.75 yards of fabric to the collection, when my goal was to only add 20, so since I went 10 yards over this month, my March goal will be to buy a max of 12 yards. Well, see how that goes...
My other February project got lost in the shuffle of coat making. I was really hoping to participate in Scruffy Badger's February Polka Dot Frock Fest! I have managed to get started, but I still have a few seams yet to sew before my dress is ready for the reveal. I was quite surprised at the difficulty I had finding good polka dot dress fabrics! I ended up using a stash fabric (yay!), so we'll see how it goes. I should have it finished soon to show you.

Once I finish my Polka Dot frock, I'm going to dive into the Pants Fitting class taught by Sandra Betzina on Craftsy. I enrolled in the class several months ago and have watched a few of the videos. So far it looks great and I've already learned a few key things. Next I just need to sew up a muslin of the pattern for the class. I actually really like this pattern, and if I can get a good fit, have some fabric in mind for a real pair as well.

The other big March event on the sewing front is Easter. I'm off the hook for Myra's dress, as my mother has offered to sew her up something to match her cousin. Sweet! I'd like to sew up something spring-y and sweet for myself as well, and the boys could probably do with some new pants at least. Myra has also put in a couple of requests for dress up dresses, including a mermaid tail... Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow! You always have amazing sewing months! I cannot wait to see your polka dot frock and the mermaid tail sounds interesting!