Friday, December 14, 2012

Gingerbread Boy update

Today I had the chance to visit Logan's class, to see what is happening with our Gingerbread friend and give you all a little update! Logan's teacher, Ms. Baldwin was blown away by all of the cards, notes and pictures that Logan received from all over the world! We are all so grateful to all of you who took the time to send something for the kids to enjoy. So, here is how it works...
When the kids get a new card or note (Ms. Baldwin "delivers " a few each day.), they first make a note of the location on their map.
Many of the kids have family and friends in the US, so there are plenty of sightings stateside.
Europe was well covered (Thank you!!!) and even a few in Asia and Africa.
There were a couple of sightings in Canada, which are all from you guys, and one in Alaska, who is just barely hanging on to the map.
And check out Down Under!! Y'all, every single one of those is one of my readers!! You guys are amazing!! I think Gingerbread Boy likes your balmy summer weather.
Each child also has an individual logbook, where they record the Gingerbread Boy sightings. Logan is showing you his.
After that, the cards go into a binder that the kids (and parents) can peruse. Over half of the cards in the binder are addressed to Logan! You guys rock!!!
Here are just a few of the cards and letters that Logan's class received. I blurred identifying info, but I bet some of you can spot yours!
I really enjoyed looking through all the cards and notes. You all were so creative! I loved all the descriptions of what the Gingerbread Boy was doing, and the interesting sights he saw.
The kids also made Gingerbread houses, in hopes of luring him home. So far he's enjoying his travels far too much!
Here are Logan and Ms. Baldwin in front of the US map. She told me that the kids are really enjoying learning about new places and things from all of your cards. Thank you so much!!


  1. What a great teacher!!

    Learning should be fun!!

  2. So cute and creative. I'm glad the class got such a good variety of places to learn about.

  3. WOW! So fun. So many people sent cards!

  4. I'd forgotten all about this. Great to see the update. Especially as there has been such awful news about little children in Connecticut(sp?).
    Brenda in the Boro

  5. That looks wonderful! I never got an address to send to; have I overlooked something? In case you'd still like me to send something, mail me the address at "little dot el at gmx dot net".

  6. Hey - I saw mine! Glad that it arrived in time before Christmas. My high school students were asking about whether it had arrived or not, so I'll be happy to give them some good news on Monday morning. I had to share and talk with them about tragedy in Connecticut on Friday near the end of the school day. That was a tough, tough conversation.

    This activity was really fun for me and my students. Should Logan's teacher want to do something similar or set up pen pals, etc. we'd love to be a part of that. Just have her get in touch with me jodie(dot)kachkar(at)epsb(dot)ca

  7. Thanks for the update. I can see my card! So glad it made it and that so many little gingerbread are on the map of Australia. He certainly got around didn't he! Logan has a wonderful, inspiring teacher.

  8. That is so awesome, one of those little guys on NZ is mine! Thanks for the update, it must be super exciting for all of them.