Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A word on sizing...

I got my two boys to wear their new tees yesterday.
Aren't they sweet. Both tees worked out well, size-wise. For Logan, who is a pretty average sized 5 year old, I made the size 6/7 from the Sewing For Boys book. It is a very slim fit shirt, even though I made a size larger than I should have needed for him. The length is good, but Logan likes his shirts long. It comes down fairly low on his hips.
Duncan is 13 months old, but on the small side (he was 71 cm long at his 12 month checkup). He is wearing the size 74 and it is a perfect fit in the body, but the neckline was a bit snug over his giant (and I say that clinically - his head circumference is off the growth chart) melon. Further versions of this tee will use the snap placket in the raglan seam to get it over his big brains.
Of course, the important thing is that both boys like their shirts and are comfortable in them. Win.

And the coat? Come by tomorrow. I might have something exciting to show you...


  1. Your boys are so cute...I love their tops...

  2. Very handsome boys in their new tops...

  3. The shirt is cute, but the boys are cuter! I always needed snap plackets for my kids melons until they were around 2. No biggie, now that you know!

  4. Super cute boys!!!!!!! And, I'm excited to see the coat!

  5. Those shirts are pretty awesome. I love Logan's face in the last picture. He looks slightly unexcited. :)