Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thank you!

Many thanks to Michelle and Heather who have passed this award on to me!  Michelle is an amazing sewist who makes beautifully crafted garments, and whose personal style I LOVE.  Heather impresses me with how well she juggles the many balls she has in the air, and she makes her own lingerie!  She even makes bras for others!!  And they are gorgeous!
For this meme, I am supposed to tell you 10 things about myself that you are unlikely to know, and then pass it on to 5 other bloggers.
I'm not very introspective (does that count as one??) so I'm not very creative when it comes to this sort of thing, but I'll give it a go.  I've really been enjoying the responses from the other bloggers out there, so I hope I can make this interesting...
1) I love to dress in clothing for all sorts of days past, but I'm not very trendy and never seem to like whatever era we are in.  I also tend to go a bit overboard, complete with period inspired hair, makeup, underpinnings and the like.  It can get a bit costume-y, but it's me.  (Today I'm regency, with an empire waist, ankle length dress, soft pink makeup and hair up in a twisty bun with curls.)  The exception is shoes.  I wear stilettos.
2) I've been kissed by a crowned prince.
3) When I was 7 years old, I decided I wanted to be a doctor, specifically a surgeon, which plan I stuck to until my third year of medical school, when I realized that I was much happier surrounded by kids.  I changed my focus to Pediatrics, which was perfect for me.  Once I finished my training I retired so that I could surround myself with my own kids.  They make me happy.
4) I worked my way through college working retail; selling shoes and lingerie. Before medical school, I was a Bra Specialist at Victoria's Secret.
5) I like watching my kids movies, particularly Veggie Tales and Disney/Pixar.  In fact, we had an impressive collection before we even had children.
6) Since I waited to have children until after my training, I am generally the "old lady" at playgroups and kid stuff.  In fact, my mother had already had all of her children when she was the age I was when I had my first.
7) I hate being a patient in a hospital, and will do anything - including hassle interns for discharge papers - in order to get out as soon as possible.  I'm sure I'm a ridiculously annoying patient.
8) I love to sing (although I am not all that good at it) and sing in my church choir, but my son has recently taken objection to this little habit of mine and gets mad any time I try to sing around the house.  Am I really that bad??  He lets Myra sing!
9) I was a princess for Halloween for most of my childhood and into my early teens.  I still like to "dress up" (see #1), but since I'm too old to pretend to be Cinderella, I go to Renaissance Faires, where dressing as a princess is OK.
10) My hubby and I share a deep and abiding love for books.  We really love to buy them, although reading from the library is an OK second best.  We also have a very hard time getting rid of books, regardless of how old and useless they may be.  Case in point, we still have college textbooks for classes that we didn't even take.  Because of this, we are constantly buying new bookcases.

Next I am supposed to tag 5 bloggers to pass this award on to, but I always hate this step.  I read a LOT of blogs and I love them all, so choosing only 5 is nearly impossible, besides not everyone likes to get these things, so here it is - I pick... YOU!  If you are reading this and blogging along with me, then consider yourself beautiful and please play along, if you are so inclined.  And leave me a comment, so I can be sure to check out your answers!


  1. Oh now, I can absolutely relate with your #10. I'm the same way! I love books and can NOT part with them.

  2. I'll definitely post - love finding out more about you!! I'll email when I post! I still owe a Kreativ Blogger post!

  3. I am the same way with books...they are stashed EVERYWHERE in this house!

  4. Kissed by a crown prince? Was this related to you dressing in (princess) costume?