Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jalie 2908, with fairies!

Man, I only blogged one thing in February! Most of my sewing was pretty unexciting - PJs and pullovers, but I did get in a super fun pair of jeans.
Not too exciting in front...
Party in the back!!! One of the things I was super excited about when I got my new machine was embroidering jeans. Back pockets are so fun now!!
Otherwise, this is my usual Jalie 2908. I think this is my ninth pair, but I'm still tweaking it here and there. This time I added an additional inch and a half of length. I pretty much only wear heels, and all my other pairs are hemmed a bit short for that. These particular boots that you don't see have 5 inch heels. Pretty standard around here. I do expect some shrinkage too, as I only prewashed this denim once. Denim can be such a tricky beast!
The fabric is a nice weight of stretch denim from FabricMart. I bought a ton of it at the time, and I'm so glad I did! It's perfect for jeans.
Who else is glad high waist flares are coming back in?? I adore them. I think this waistline is actually 2 inches higher than the "high rise" on the Jalie pattern. I love me a high waist!
Up close, so I can brag some more on Vera. I did all the topstiching with her, and she was such a champ! Even my heavier duty machines have a bit of trouble with jeans topstiching. There are tons of layers and the fabric is heavy. And buttonholes? Fuhgettaboutit. Vera didn't even blink. She whipped out that keyhole buttonhole like it was no big deal. She also has a really nice bartack function that made attaching the beltloops and tacking down the fly shield really easy.
Here's a closer view of my fairies. For those who might be interested, the design is from Embroidery Library and you can get it here. It's done in pink in the original design, but they're my jeans, so I'll do what I want.
I have so many more plans for embroidered jeans!! Y'all are going to get tired of seeing them. Sorry, not sorry...


  1. They look awesome! Love the embroidery and I love the fact they hit at what most people don't even know is a person's natural waistline. Great job!

  2. These are the prettiest jeans I've seen. I love the fairies

  3. Nice looking jeans! I like the embroidery detail on the pockets. Great job!

  4. Great looking jeans. I have not embroidered anything in such a long time. I really should try using this feature on my machine again!

  5. You look super in those Jalies. And, obviously, a beautiful sewing job. Bravo!

  6. These look gorgeous on you! I'm really excited about my embroidery machine, too. So many things to decorate!

  7. Just catching up on March readings and saw your wonderful jeans, Katie. Love every single thing about them and you deserve many more.