Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kitschy Coo Comino Cap top

Yesterday I was feeling like a quick win, and I really wanted to use up this scrap left over from Logan's PJs. Because skulls are cool. Since the Kitschy Coo Comino Cap top is so great for using up scraps, and is quick and fun to sew, it was a natural pairing.
The scull printed fabric I used for the upper panel is an interlock from Nature's Fabrics. I used black rib knit for the bands. The body of the top is a very lightweight jersey from my stash. No idea where it came from, but I thought the vaguely blood red color suited the skulls themed interlock nicely.
The only think I don't love about this tee is that the burgundy colored jersey is quite thin, so it tends to accentuate lumps and bumps. You can see the waistband of my pants in most of the pics, although it is a fairly flat waistband. Jeans would be quite obvious.
I'm wearing it today with my pleather and ponte leggings, made with a very altered Jalie 2709. Man, I have gotten so much use out of that pattern!
Despite the thinness of the jersey, or perhaps because of it, this top is quite comfortable and cool, which is essential now that I am back in the South and summer is upon us. I'm very confident this top is going to get tons of wear. Especially since Logan got such a kick out of us having matching tops this morning.
Logan has gotten to the age where he groans at me when he sees a camera, but he totally let me post a selfie on Instagram this morning! Super win!!


  1. I love your top!

  2. I love the whole outfit. Red, black, and skulls YEEHAW

  3. Great top and I love the whole outfit. Totally cool! I hope the lightweightness of the burgundy jersey doesn't hold you back too much.