Monday, January 12, 2015

Jalie 2908 secret jungle jeans

Every year around this time I have an uncontrollable need to make a pair of jeans. This year was no different.
So I whipped out my old faithful Jalie 2908 and went to work. This is my 8th pair of jeans from this pattern, and I think I've got the fit nearly perfect.
The one thing that was bugging  me in my last couple of pairs was the under butt area. I always had some extra fabric there. For this pair, I took out a small (about 1/2 inch) wedge just in the rear inseam. And I think we have a winner!!
The fit is good in front as well. The wrinkles you see are from sitting in the car. They feel awesome. Custom jeans, y'all. It's worth the trouble.
But wait! It's Jungle January!! Where is the leopard?? The Cheetah?? Maybe even some fur?? Fear not, animal lovers! I have not left the jungle!
Zebra print waistband and pocketing! I had some zebra flannel left over from some PJ pants I made, so it was the natural thing here. I love sneaky printed insides on my jeans. Even better when they're jungle friendly! And the flannel is nice and soft against my skin - extra bonus.
I know some find them intimidating, but really, jeans are just so darn satisfying to sew! Don't get me wrong, I love a quick knit top as much as anyone (the one I'm wearing here is Burda 7625) but sewing up a pair of jeans is the best. 


  1. Hi Katie! Outstanding jeans, I must pick up a copy of that Jalie pattern for myself. I prefer a bootcut leg and that pattern looks perfect.

    Also, I'm your swap buddy for Anne's Saber Tooth Swap --- we should communicate soon :D. My email is ginny AT tidepool DOT com This will be fun!

  2. Your jeans are always so inspiring. It's a nice reality check to know it's your eighth pair with that pattern so you've had time to make them perfect and man do they look great.
    I LOVE hidden print inside. Zebra flannel sounds like the best!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Those are perfection. I'm trying to work up my nerve to make my first pair. Thank you for inspiration!

  4. Adorbs Katie -- I've always been a fan of your jeans!

  5. I really like making jeans and my latest pair are also my favourites. Yours look great and the fit is spot on.

  6. I'm super jealous of your lack of back of the leg wrinkles. The fit really does look perfect. Think you must have leveled up fitting wise. :)

  7. Gorgeous jeans, what a perfect fit! Love the secret waistband lining.

  8. Love them! I think you've got the fit down. That 1/2" wedge works for me as well on my Jalies, though I tested out Ottobre's latest skinny jeans and I didn't need it (maybe...jury is still out).

  9. I think you have perfected the fit-these look great! I love the top too