Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monthly Roundup: May 2014

Y'all. How is it June already??? This month has flown by. It was a good, productive month, despite the impending move.

I sewed:
1) Ottobre 03/2009-23 shorts for Logan
2) Simplicity 4702 tops x2 and jeans x3 for various Barbies
3) Simplicity 4719 top for Barbie
4) Simplicity 5785 blouse for Barbie
5) Simplicity 3678 dress for me
6) Burdastyle Liz blouse for me
7) Sewaholic Gabriola skirt for me
8) Advance 9938 dress for Midge
10 & 11) TBA!
12) April Rhodes Staple Dress for me

That's a total of 18 items, which is pretty good. I sewed up 15.25 yards, which puts me at a total of 89 yards sewn this year. I made it through the month without and fabric purchases! Yay! That is two months in a row, and only one month to go before we move. Then I'll have a new sewing room to stock!
My collage makes me pretty happy. It is missing a couple of pieces that I can't show you yet. I'm really excited about them though, and I think you will be as well, once I can reveal all...

June will be ... interesting to say the least. We're moving to Tennessee at the end of the month, so on the 23rd all of my patterns, fabric and machines will be packed up and loaded on a big 'ole truck, not to be seen again for a couple of weeks. Our moving company has a firm delivery policy that includes late fees for them if they don't arrive within 10 days of loading up, so I won't be waiting a month this time. Still, it will probably be several weeks before I can sew again, and it'll likely be quiet around here. I'll keep you posted though, as things unfold, and I'll definitely give you a virtual tour of the new sewing room!


  1. What a great month of sewing -- very productive with some great results! I'm sad you're leaving the West but am sure you will love Tennessee!

  2. Hey, girl are you willing to give a hint to what part of Tennessee you are relocating to? Near family? I am located in Kingsport TN. Would love to meet you after you get settled in. Good luck with the move. Colleen (non-blogger)

  3. Good luck on the move, I hope it goes smoothly. Your May makes were gorgeous! And 2 months w/o fabric purchases? I'm super impressed!

  4. Oh my goodness!! We'll practically be neighbors!! We're moving to Johnson City!! We definitely have to get together. Email me at katiedeshazer (at) gmail (dot) com.

  5. I have no idea how it's June already, but I'm so terribly glad to see the backside of May. You were pretty productive this month too, I don't know how you do it with 3 little two (one of which is school-aged) are enough to keep me too busy to sew! Can't wait to see the surprise pieces!

    We're planning to move here in about a month too, and I'm dreading packing up the sewing room (and the rest of the house too, if we're being honest)...if only we were smart enough to hire a moving company like you!

  6. That dress is beautiful. I love that fabric. Makes me wish we had Fabric Marts in WA.

    I would love for you to share in my new linky party.