Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pant's fitting woes

I've started in on my new jeans. I'm using Vogue 8330, which is an OOP pattern from 2006 or so.
It has several positive reviews on PR and I like the shape of it. I've been wanting to make a pair of "skinny" jeans for a while as I wear the RTW pair I bought often, even though it isn't all that great a fit. Anyway, I started out with some flat pattern alterations. This pattern is quite low rise, which isn't a great look for me, so I added some height to the rise and made my now usual crotch alterations (scoop out and lower the back, lengthen front hook slightly). Then I whacked a muslin out of some crazy orange stretch sateen, which has a similar weight and stretch to my denim.
This is back version 2.0, after I took 2 1/2 inches off the CB waistband and darted the yoke by the same amount. I'm pretty darn pleased with the fit back there, actually. There are a few under the seat wrinkles, but without them I can't sit down. Wearing ease is a must.
In front, I'm not so pleased. Those darn crotch wrinkles - what is that about?? I looked them up in The Perfect Fit, which said that this was a full thigh problem. I can buy that, so I tried releasing the side seams, but that actually made it worse! Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit says I need more space in the inseam, and I was about to try that alteration when the small people woke up and I had to stop playing sewing.

So ladies, what do you think?? I know there has been a lot of discussion about these particular wrinkles out there in the blogosphere lately. I always see them in RTW. Do I just live with them, or is there something I can do to fix this??? This is why I sew! I'm off to check out Sunni and Sarai's pant fit tutorial's. If y'all have any suggestions, I am all ears!


  1. They look good! A few of those under-butt wrinkles are absolutely necessary in skinny jeans.

    I feel like the front issue has something to do with the crotch shape there---a little too long, maybe not a sharp/deep enough curve, but I have absolutely no idea if that's accurate or how to fix it if it is.

    All in all, though, you've got a perfectly good fit! :)

  2. Jsterndesigns did a tutrial on the Sawyer Brooks website where people posted their pictures and she told them what to correct.

  3. You are in way over my head! lol
    I think they actually look pretty good. I don't think a few wiskers are the end of the world. You see hollywood actresses with them, etc.

  4. They look really good to me. Love the color, too. I think the under butt wrinkles aren't even noticeable, and the crotch area, I always see those on skinny jeans. I'd try what you were planning on the inseam, and if that doesn't work, just let them be. They look great as is!

  5. PFRP has a model with stretch jeans who also has those wrinkles. PP says it's just part of using stretch fabric & one has to live with it. If you've got the pants fit book, it's on page 72.

  6. Great fit!!!

    But: are you actually planning to wear those whore-red pants in public???????