Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Pink...

Ladies (Sorry if there are any men following along - this one is for the girls), it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I just came across this fabulous and fun way to remember the importance of doing a self exam.
If you're in looking at this in a Reader, pop over to see the video!
Click here to download the app. It will be available on the Android platform in a few days.

Please ladies, don't forget to give your boobies a little TLC, and get your annual mammogram when the time comes.


  1. Yeah, my doc's hammering me about that. I'm still working through my severe anemia problems. I can only take one thing at a time. (He's also yelling "Bone density scan!" and "Colonoscopy!" The guy's not a hoot.)

  2. Dang, that was awesome! The doctor was rocking there at the end! Thanks for posting that - I've gotta download it!

  3. Great reminder, and very funny video to help with that reminder. :)