Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monthly Roundup - May 2011

May felt like a really great sewing month!  By the numbers, I made;

1) Simplicity 3752 apron (K)
2) Simplicity 2451 skirt (K)
3) New Look 6641 shorts x2 (L)
4) Jalie 2921 top (K)
5) BWOF 07/2009-104 dress (K)
6) Burda 7625 top (K)
7) Vogue 1250 dress (K)
8) Ottobre 03/2011-12 tunic (My)
9) Ottobre 03/2011-12 tees (My & D)
10) Kwik Sew 3299 shirt (M)
11) BWOF 11/2009-125 jeans (K)

which adds up to 13 garments!  Woo hoo! I sewed 16 yards of which 14 3/4 were from stash. I'm happy to say that everything is getting worn, so that makes for a successful month as far as I'm concerned. Beginning the month, I stuck to pretty easy projects - knit tops, shorts and tees for the kids, but I finally just went for it and made my bell bottoms, and I'm so glad I did. They aren't perfect, but I love them. The biggest sewing innovation in May was the arrival of my coverstitch machine. Man, do I love that machine.

June should prove interesting. We are moving to Salt Lake City in one week, so there may be some radio silence here as we get ready for the move and actually make the drive. We are having our belongings moved for us, and the estimated arrival time is mid-month. I'm planning to take Janome and a few projects to keep me sane, but the other machines will be on the truck, as will be my stash and the bulk of my supplies.

I'll likely spend this coming week prepping things to take with me. I've already cut out McCalls 5592 in white twill, and will serge all of the edges prior to packing things up so that I can sew these up just with Janome.
I'm still debating how I'll topstitch these. I initially thought I'd use typical gold thread like jeans, but I think cream or grey might be nice and possibly more versatile. I'll swatch them all and see what I (and probably all of you!) think.
Vogue 8305 is traced and needs an FBA. I'll cut it out of some brown poly/rayon left over from Duncan's sling.
After that is prepped, I have some pink and white seersucker that I was thinking I'd make matching ruffled blouses for Myra and I. Mine will be McCalls 5929, and Myra's will be #15 from the 01/2010 issue of Ottobre. I was planning to use pink pearl snaps as closures.
I am considering coordinating black pleated skirts, but I think that might be OTT. Hopefully those four projects will keep me going until all of my stuff arrives and gets unpacked.

I'm excited to have a new space, and the new house will have a sewing room although we haven't completely decided how we're going to lay everything out. At any rate, I will have more space than I have now and I'm really looking forward to setting up my new studio. 


  1. Good luck with the move! Are you all planning on driving straight out or will you take some time to check out some sights on the way?

  2. Where in Salt Lake are you moving to? As in, what part of the valley?

    Patti in Salt Lake

  3. I'm in awe of how much you accomplish, especially while caring for young children! Good luck with the move...hope is all goes smoothly for you!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes! We're planning to take the drive slowly, since the kids probably won't tolerate anything else! :)
    Sewing Geek - The hubby will be working at U of U and he found us a house in Holladay. I'm not as familiar with the local geography as I probably should be, but I understand that is in the southern end of the city.

  5. I love how you do the monthly roundup, I bet it makes you feel so good to see all that you have done. I made some white pants and I topstitched them in white. After looking at a bunch of RTW in white I realized that is the trend right now, but gold would be the more traditional and look great too.

  6. I hope your move goes well. Loving your bellbottoms by the way, they just scream groovy goodness!

  7. Have a great move! Hope you get settled in quickly before those fingers start itching to serge something!

  8. Actually, Holladay is in the mid/east part of the valley. It is a really nice part of the valley. It has it's own downtown area that is really neighborhoody. I thought I had remembered that your hubby had come out some time ago to interview at the U of U.

  9. You are planning for a move and you still will find time to sew! You are indeed Super Woman and my hero! LOL! I wish you and your family the best. And keep being productive---you inspire us all:)

  10. Good luck with your move. I know firsthand what a pain that can be.

  11. Good luck on the move! It is never a fun thing, but more space will be nice.